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Ratings - (Scale of 0 - 10 spidey spots)

Strength - (8)

Intelligence - (7)

Speed - (9)

Real Name - Unknown

Special Power - An image inducing belt that allows him to take on the form of any person whose image he catches with it.

Origin - The Chameleon was adopted and trained by the Red Skull to use his morphing abilities to be a powerful crimnal. After the dissapperance of the Red Skull after World War II the Chameleon became is an assassin for hire.

First appeared in Season #1, Episode #13, "The Day of The Chameleon"

Penitentiary Trivia Question - In The Six Fight Again Who is the Chameleon's half-brother?

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Note: These ratings are my opinion. If you disagree e-mail me and tell me why you think I'm wrong. Hey! maybe I'll even change my mind.

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