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Ratings - (Scale of 0 - 10 spidey spots)

Strength - (8)

Intelligence - (10)

Speed - (6)

Real Name - Otto Octavious

Special Power - Four metalic arms welded to his spine that respond to his thoughts.

Origin - Doctor Octavious was a scientist whose dream was to create a neutron battery that would replace dozens of power plants. Many laughed at his quest and his funding was cut. He went to Anastashia Hardy for financial help but soon even she refused to provide him money. Doctor Octavious was forced to work in a basement without safeguards for hours on end.

One night fatigue caught the best of him, the metalic arms he used to work while mantaining a safe distance from the battery slipped, breaking a vital piece off the battery. The ensuing explosion bonded the metallic arms to Doctor Octavious' spine, thus destroying Doctor Octavious and giving birth to Doctor Octopus.

First appeared in Season #1, Episode #6 "Doctor Octopus, Armed and Dangerous"

Penitentiary Trivia Question - In Attack of the Octobot Who defeated Doctor Octopus with his own creation?

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Note: These ratings are my opinion. If you disagree e-mail me and tell me why you think I'm wrong. Hey! maybe I'll even change my mind.

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