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Picture Gallery #1

Spidey in his black suit Spider-Man in his symboitic suit. This picture is from the cover of Web of Spider-Man #1. (I do not own this comic I found the picture online.)

The Hobgoblin flying by the Scorpion The Hobgoblin scheming with the Scorpion. This picture is from the children's book Spider-Man: Caught in the Web.

Spidey dodging Carnage.

Spider-Man battling Carnage while dodging sharp projections of the symboit. This picture is from The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #28 .

Spidey and the Scarlet Spider

Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider back to back. This picture came from some online website I don't remember which one.

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Spider-Man in his web. This picture is from DH's Den it's a really cool site with all sorts of Spidey news stories.