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Ratings - (Scale of 0 - 10 spidey spots)

Strength - (7)

Intelligence - (7)

Speed - (7)

Real Name - Jason Philp Macandale

Special Power - Muscle enchancing armor designed by Norman Osborn and his own personal Wing glider team with remote control, smart bombs, and missles, also designed by Norman Osborn.

Origin - Jason Macandale began his life as a petty thug. When Norman Osborn paid him to take out the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. Provided with armor and weapons the Hobgoblin was about to finish his task when Peter Parker saved Fisk from danger then scared the Hobgoblin away as Spider-Man. Norman Osborn refused to pay the Hobgoblin for his services since he didn't finish the job. This is how the Hobgoblin's lust for revenge against Norman Osborn and Spider-Man began.

First appeared in Season #1, Episode #11 "The Hobgoblin: Part 1"

Penitentiary Trivia Question - In Hobgoblin: Part 1 what did Spider-Man call the Hobgoblin? (Other than Hobby and Hobgoblin!)

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Note: These ratings are my opinion. If you disagree e-mail me and tell me why you think I'm wrong. Hey! maybe I'll even change my mind.

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