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Hydro-Man - Pathetic. You don't really think you could match the
power of Hydro-Man did you?
Spider-Man - Did you say Hydrant Man? The dogs must love you!
Hydro-Man - It's Hydro-Man and it's the last name you'll ever hear.
Spider-Man - For somebody new to this super villian gig you've
sure got the cliches down.

Hold on, Kimosabe!

Hydro-Man - This has nothing to do with you, Spider-Man,
so butt out!
Spider-Man - Can't they'd take away my spuer hero's license!

Guard - Look, Spider-Man really is the thief!
Spider-Man - Great. Jameson'll probably be selling,
'Spider-Man Really is the Theif!' t-shirts by noon tomorrow.

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