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Lara Wright
(Views and opinions expressed on this page and elsewhere on this site are my own and not neccesarily shared by Marvel Comics.)

Hi! I'm Lara Wright, I'm 17 years old, and besides Spidey my favorite subject is Science. This semester at school I'm very deprived of that subject though. English and Publications seem the exact opposite of science to me.
Thanks for coming to The Spiders' Webs I hope you like it here and will visit often. This site is under constant construction so there's bound to be something new soon. If have any comments or questions about any of our favorite wall crawlers you can reach me via...

(Beware when sending to yahoo I check it very seldom.)

Spider Woman - 5611416
MaydayParker - 77493384

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My nephew in his Spider-man slippers.

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**** UPDATE 3/27/2002 ****
Character of he Month for February and March are finally up. I'm gonna to pick April's in the next week and hopefully get it posted it soon. I've also updated the comics list for Spider-Man 2099 and scanned two of the new covers so be sure to check that out. There are other random updates throughout the site. If there are any that are particularly big or I just plan like I'll post about it here.

                        Lara C. Wright
**** UPDATE 12/27/2001 ****
I've uped the frames at the Spiders' Web's from 2 to 3. It looks a bit crowded, I know, but I'm hoping it'll still work great. Also, please check the Character of the Month, Spider-Man Links, and Spider Paper pages for new pictures and info.

                        Lara C. Wright

My first (& only) award!!!

My Spider-Man picture that won
Claxclan's Fanart/Fanfiction contest at
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