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The Spider-Man movie broke all barriers at the box office May 3 weekend, amassing $114 million in it's first weekend. Already in the making is the sequel, due out May 7, 2004. Here's a bit of the basic plot of the Spidey movie for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to see it yet.

Who am I? Sure, people says I'm just a normal kid with a normal life, normal friends, but those people lie.
The scene opens with M.J. on a Midtown high bus headed on a field trip to a laboratory performing tests on spiders and their genetics. Outside the bus pounding on it's side is Peter Parker, left behind again. M.J. give sthe driver a bit of her mind and the bus stops to let Parker on.
At the students' destination Parker meets up with Harry Osborn. They follow the tour through the lab and learn that 15 genetically enhanced spiders have been created, but only 14 are in their containers.
Parker cons M.J. into a photo op for the school news paper by the 15 cages. While taking the last pic. Parker feels a pinch on his right hand. The missing spider had bit him!
After the tour, Parker went home and crashed, skipping dinner with the excuse that he didn't feel well. Next morning he awoke to find that he no longer need his glasses and was exceptionally buff to boot! Rushing off to school Parker takes his usual jog beside the bus. Pounding and pounding on it's side a banner comes off stuck to his hand. When we catch up with Parker later at lunch we find he's developed a spider-sense when M.J. slips in a puddle of organge juice by his table and he catches her and her tray. Stepping out of the spotlight, Parker sits down alone again and notices a fork has become afixed to his hand. Shaking it off he accidentally shoots a web across the table a catches an abandoned tray. Parker tries to get loose of the web but ends up catapulting the tray behind him directly on to Flash Thompson, M.J.'s boyfriend!
Parker runs out of the cafeteria to his locker. Flash follows with revenge in mind when Parker's spider-sense kicks in again and he dodges the first punch. Parker is just as shocked as the rest of the student body as he dodges every single punch and finishes by tossing Flash across the hall.

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