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Whether you just plain suck at video games (like me) or just don't want to waste time searching when you can have someone else tell you where itmes are this is the page for you. Below are some various cheat codes and the locations of all (I think) of the comic books. I haven't tested all the comic book locations, but I'll make a note by specific ones that I had trouble with. If you have discovered or found on other pages other cheat codes not listed here please send them to me at I think that all these cheat codes are curtesy of I also beleive there are pictures of the locations of some of the comics so check it out.

Comic Book Locations
Comic Book Number    Level Name     Description
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Bank Approach
On top of the Fantastic Four Building.
Amazing Spider-Man #200 Hostage Situation
Underneath a chair in the second set of cubicles.
Spider-Man #1 The Death of Captain Stacy Stop the Bomb
Once you have freed the hostages the comic will appear in the hallway before the security door.
Amazing Spider-Man #25 Race to the Bugle
On side of the building right after the game does a short cut scene of the henchmen on top.
Amazing Spider-Man #20 Spidey vs. Scorpion
Destroy all the furniture.
Amazing Spider-Man #16 Police Chopper Chase
On the final building.
Amazing Spider-Man #39 Building Top Chase
Inside the Goblin Crain Lair. *I haven't been able to get into the crain yet, but a friend of mine says that the crain the Goblin's lair is in has a pumkin bomb on the outside as a marker.*
Amazing Spider-Man #400 A Death in the Family Scale the Girders
On the left side of the building.
Amazing Spider-Man #14 Police Evaded
On the building with the skylights, wait for them to get destroyed, jump down the opening and shoot the glass inside.
Amazing Spider-Man #41 Spidey vs. Rhino
Destroy every barrel.
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #42 Catch Venom
On the unfinished building.
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #76 Catch Venom
On the roof of a building.
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 Spidey vs. Venom
Destroy the car.
The Spectacular Spider-Man #229 Sewer Entrance
Walk down the hallway to the cavern and then turn around and go back.
Spider-Man #1 (MrFarlane - Silver) Sewer Cavern
Behind the waterfall.
Peter Parker Spider-Man #1 (Reprint Version B) Sewer Plant
Go left at the end of the first hallway and look behind the support.
Peter Parker Spider-Man #1 (Reprint Version A) Hidden Switches
After switching the fourth switch return to the area with the thrid switch.
The Spectacular Spier-Man #158 Tunnel Crawl
Hit the switch on the first box and the comic will be in the second box.
Amazing Spider-Man #6 The Lizard's Maze
After you talk to the lizard the comic will appear near by.
Amazing Spider-Man #42 Symbiotes Infest Bugle
In the vent with the hostages.
Amazing Spider-Man #100 Elevator Descent
Bottom-left of the hallway.
Amazing Spider-Man #50 Stop the Presses
Destroy the stack of papers about half way through the levels
Amazing Spider-Man #13 Bugle's Basement
Shoot all four leaking pipes and the comic will appear after the left furnace to the left explodes.
Amazing Spider-Man #311 Spidey vs. Mysterio
Destroy all of the target on the first stage and the comic will appear at the bottom of the level.
Amazing Spider-Man #129 Waterfront Warehouse
Inside the alcove.
Amazing Spider-Man #15 Waterfront Warehouse
Find the hidden room behind the last grating near the end of the level.
Amazing Spider-Man #2 Underwater Trench
In the second machinery room flip the hidden switch and then return to the area with the gun turrets to find an entrance to a secret room.
Spider-Man 2099 #1 Stopping The Fog
In the bottom area of the center column.
Amazing Spider-Man #3 Spidey vs. Doc Ock
The comic will appear for a few seconds after Doc Ock's shield regenerates for the first time.
Amazing Spider-Man #33 Spidey vs. Carnage
The comic will appear and disappear over and over again in the center of the bubble.
Amazing Spider-Man #252 Spidey vs. Monster-Ock
Around the first bend in the pipe
Amazing Fantasy #15 Spidey vs. Monster-Ock
Lying around about three quarters of the way through the level.

Cheat Codes

CGOSSETT - View all story boards
CVIEW_EM - View all characters
WATCHEM - View all movies
RUSTCRST - Invulnerability
DCSTUR - Infintie health
XCLSIOR - Level select
ALLSIXCC - All comics
DULUX - Big head
LLADNEK - Debug info.
GBHSRAPM - What if...
RULUR - Replaces J. Jonah Jameson with James J. Jewett in Spidey vs. Scorpion level. Also adds James J. Jewett to character viewer.


AMZBGMAN - The Amazing Bag Man
BNREILLY - Ben Reilly
SCOCMIC - Captain Universe Spider-Man
MJS_STUD - Peter Parker
LETTERS - Scarlet Spider
TWNTYNDN - Spider-Man 2099
PARALLEL - Spider-Man Unlimited
BLKSPIDER - Symboit Spider-Man

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