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The Savage Six first appeared in Spider-Girl #25 "The Savage Six." The group, consisting of Raptor, Killerwatt, Dragon King, Sabreclaw, and Mr. Abnormal, were all brought together by Funny Face to wage war against Spider-Girl.

Funny Face

Funny Face first appeared alone in Spider-Girl #22 "Dance Fever." After escaping Spider-Girl, the Buzz, and Darkdevil in ish #22, Funny Face made plans to gather Spider-Girl's enemies together to defeat her once and for all in ish #25.


Raptor first appeared alone in Spider-Girl #18 "Raptor's Regret." She and her partner in crime, Tony, were defeated by Spider-Grl and the Buzz, but Funny Face broke her out of jail to join the Savage Six.

Mr. Abnormal

Mr. Abnormal first appeared in Spider-GIrl #15 "Swingin 'N' Slamin' with Speedball." With Speedball's help Spider-Girl webbed Mr. Abnormal up 'til the poloice could arrive, and though he'd rather exact revenge against Speedball for this incident, Mr. Abnormal will settle for Spider-Girl.


Little is known of Sabreclaw, at least at the moment.

Dragon King

The Dragon King first appeared in Spider-Girl #4 "Deadly is the Dragon King." With a little electrical help Spider-Girl was able to stop the Dragon King from destroying all the students at Midtown High, he was then detained by authorities, but escaped to join Funny Face and the Savage Six.


Killer Watt first appeared in Spider-Girl #9 "Training Matters." Spider-Girl stopped him solo from frying a group of musicians he worked for before he gained his powers, now he plans revenge and the Savage Six are just the group he plans to attain it with.

Crazy Eight

Crazy Eight first appeared in Spider-Girl #2 "Bedeviled" and also appeared in #8 "Two of a Kind." Though he was not actually a member of the Savage Six he was with them as they planned to keep an eye on his brother, Funny Face (note the family resemblence), for mother's sake of course. In the end he stopped his brother from continueing his fight after the rest of the Savage Six had been defeated.

Other pics from Spider-Girl #25.

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