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This is to be the second episode of my Spider-Man series. I don't know how many more there will be. I think these should be the gap between Farewell, Spider-Man from the Animated Series and Worlds Apart from Spider-Man Unlimited, since M.J. mysteriously reappeared during that time. This episode is currently unfinished I just started it 7/29/2001, who knows when I'll finish it, but after all the trouble I had with he last script I've decided whenever I write I'll go ahead and post what I've got and finish it whenever, rather than wait 'til it's complete and tehn post it all at once. Maybe this will add more suspense. Who knows. Enjoy!

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Episode 2 (NOTE: Untitled at present time)

"It is time," Madame Web spoke softly.
"Finally! Where are they?" Spider-Man leapt to his feet after many hours of inactivity.
"I sense they are in a place of great danger to you."
"To me?" Spider-Man inquired sarcasticly, "I'm always in great danger! I'm only concerned about M.J.. I sshe safe?"
"For the moment-"
"Well, waht are you waiting for send me to her!"
"This situation is not as black and white as you wish to make it, Spider-Man. On this planet with Mary Jane there are also millions of symbiots, the as Venom and Carnage decended from."
"What?!" Spider-Man was shocked. He'd hoped that sending Venom and Carnage into Dormamu's alternate dimension would be his last encouter with symbiots. Was he ever wrong.
"You will be more susceptible to bonding since you were once one with the Venom symbiot. The other symbiots will know this. A part of you still yearns to be partnered with a symbiot. THis part of you will call out to the symbiots no mater how you try to quiet it."
"That doesn't matter. I just have to find Mary Jane!" Spider-Man pronounced boldy.
"I cannot stop you," Madame Web replied evenly.
With a wave of her hand, so frail seeming, yet so powerful, Madame Web transported Spider-Man into a clearing outside a city. He scanned the new environment. Everything his eyes meet, save the sky, plusated at one with the planet's symbiots.
The ground began to reach up and engulf Spider-Man's feet.
                       --To Be Continued--

Episode 1

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