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You've waited... and waited... and waited... and WAITED and now FINALLY! I have finished the first of my Spider-Man story scripts (I even started on the second!) I hope you enjoy it I really had a great time writing it. It actually started as an English assignment, but I had to change it from the rubric since I couldn't have a --to be continued-- at the end of my assignment, that's why it's taken so long to post. One more note, this episode is meant to take place right after "Farewell, Spider-Man" the last episode of Spider-Man the Animated Series. Enjoy!

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Alpha (NOTE: Title subject to change)

Spider-Man waved good-bye to Stan Lee as he and Madame Web disappeared into dimensional limbo.
"Well, we've saved the world from destruction and given a nice old man a thrill, now what?" Spider-Man inquired of Madame Web.
"Now we go find Mary Jane," Madame Web said matter of factly.
"You mean she's still alive?" Spider-Man was delightfully shocked. He hadn't seen Mary Jane since his last battle with the Green Goblin on George Washington bridge, when the Green Goblin had used a device known as the time dilation accelerator to spy on him and discover his secret identity. Then, used that information to find the people closest to Spider-Man to use as hostages. Mary Jane had been one of them.
"Yes, she's been in limbo all this time. Once we find her you can go home again," Madame Web smiled a bit, but then returned to her rather stern appearance.
"Amen to that, dear lady. Amen to that..." Spider-Man trailed off thinking of how much he had missed M.J. over the past few months.
"There is one more detail you must know though, Spider-Man," Madame Web added.
"What? Do I have to pass a series of tests to find Mary Jane?" Spider-Man asked in his ever sarcastic way.
"In a way. Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, has been trapped in dimensional limbo with Mary Jane this entire time. He remembers how much you care for her and has taken her hostage once more to lure you into his traps." Madame Web spoke gravely.
"How hard could he be to beat? He's trapped in limbo with no place to go."
"He has also been working this whole time to repair the time dilation accelerator. Recently, he finally succeeded."
"But, that means they could be anywhere!" Spider-Man exclaimed, suddenly more fearful than ever over M.J.'s safety.
"That is correct. One moment. I will try to use my powers to find them," Madame Web placed her fingers upon her temples and furrowed her eye brows. Slowly, her alien powers discovered the answer they were searching for.
"Ah, I've found them."
"Then what are we waiting for?! We must stop the Green Goblin!" Spider-Man said anxiously.
"That rashness and foolhardiness of yours is going to put you in much danger if you don't learn to control it. There is more to the planet they inhabit than meets the eye," Madame Web said in mystic tones. She motioned to her side and there in the red haze surrounding them a picture began to form. The Fantastic Four came into view, but they are not the Fantastic Four Spider-Man knows of. These doppelgangers are robbing banks and terrorizing the innocent. Police men and women can be seen shooting laser pistols to no avail as the Fantastic Four leave the scene of the crime.
"What's going on? Why are they attacking the Fantastic Four?" Spider-Man asked bewildered.
"On this planet, Deprem, you will see many familiar faces, but none are who they seem to be. Here the Fantastic Four are a band of criminals. While others, like Wilson Fisk, whom you know as the King Pin of Crime, are honest men and women who fight crime and work for justice."
"But that doesn't make any sense," Spider-Man didn't understand.
"Forget what seems sensible to you, Spider-Man. None of that matters where you are going." With a wave of her hand, Madame Web transported Spider-Man to Deprem.
He stood alone on a rooftop in a suburb much like Forest Hills, where he grew up. His peaceful remembrance was shattered when a scream rang out. Spider-Man instinctively shot a web line at the nearest building in the direction of the sound and as he leapt off he saw the Green Goblin jetting away on his goblin glider with a metallic case. Spider-Man quickly closed the gap between them and snared the edge of the glider with a strand of webbing. The Goblin noticed the decrease in speed due to Spider-Man's added weight nearly immediately, he turns to see what is causing the change.
"YOU?! NO!" The Green Goblin screeched. He'd worked too hard in dimensional limbo to be thwarted by Spider-Man again so soon. He spun the glider about, went in loops, accelerated and decelerated quickly trying to berid of that annoying arachnid, but to no avail.
"After all the traps you've set for me, Goblin, you should know I'm not that easy to get ride of," Spider-Man climbed the rope as only one with the proportionate speed, strength and agility of a spider can; and leapt up to stand next to the Green Goblin upon the glider, "Tell me where you've taken Mary Jane!"
The Goblin cackled in Spider-Man's face, "Wouldn't you like to know?!"
Catching Spider-Man off guard for a moment, the Green Goblin kicked him in the stomach. Spider-Man fell from the glider into a rooftop swimming pool with a giant splash.
"Why haven't I ever sprung for that water proof costume?" Spider-Man asked himself as he clambered out of the pool, dripping on the cement, "I wonder what the Goblin had inside that case."
A siren sounded and another quickly followed.
"That's it! I'll go back to where the Goblin stole the case from and see if I can't find out what was in it. Those sirens should tell me right where to look," With that, Spider-man webbed toward the crime scene.
The sirens lead him to an electronics manufacturer on the outskirts of the city. Using his ability to stick to nearly any surface, Spider-Man stealthily hung to the wall near two investigators who were discussing what they knew of the incident.
"The guard said it was a goblin, like something you'd see at Halloween. It flew in, seemed to know exactly where it was going, and flew right back out."
"Did they figure out what was stolen yet?" The second investigator inquired.
"An experimental new power supply. It was designed by Alistair Smythe, but he hadn't finished testing it for everyday usage yet. It was supposed to go on the market in the next few months. I don't know why the fella had to dress up in some Halloween costume and steal it. Couldn't wait 2 months for a battery. I tell ya' the loonies don't all go to Florida."
"A power supply," Spider-Man mused, "What would the Goblin do with a power supply? Could the time dilation accelerator need one already? Or is he up to something else?" Deciding he had learned all he needed here, Spider-Man swung off.
He passed an electronics store low enough to hear a bystander talking about the Fantastic Four being on television. Spider-Man leapt to a nearby light pole and listened to the broadcast.
"One billion dollars. If our demands are not met we will construct a laser powerful enough to burn New Cory to the ground. You have eight hours to comply." Reed Richards's face disappeared from the screen being replaced with that of J. Jonah Jameson, "You heard it folks. Only Spider-Man can save us now!"
"HUH?!" Spider-Man gaped, then he remembered, "Oh, that's right. On this planet the people are backwards, old skinflint Jameson loves me here! This could take some getting used to. Maybe I should grab a copy of the Daily Bugle, I wonder if it's even called that here, and bone up on some of Jameson's editorials. Maybe it'll even give me a clue as to how the Fantastic Four could build a laser that big. I mean the mirrors would have to be enormous to focus enough energy to burn a city."
Spider-Man scanned the street and found a newspaper stand. Perched above it he traded his quarter for the paper in his usual way, with two strands of webbing, one placing the quarter on the newspaper stack, the other pulling a paper up to him on the wall above. Spider-Man flipped to the editorials section and quickly skimmed a very flattering piece about himself, but what really caught his eye was on the next page, "Doctor Otto Octavius Discovers New Planet." The gist of it was that using the world's largest telescope, located north of New Cory on Mildred's Peak, Doctor Octavius had discovered a new planet 5.6 trillion light years away in the Omicron galaxy.
"Geez, Doctor Octavius, an astronomer?! This world is nutty, but this article does give me an idea. The world's biggest telescope must hold the world's biggest mirror, exactly what the Fantastic Four need to build their laser! I'd better get there right away and warn Doctor Octavius. I wonder if he has the same metallic arms as Doc. Oct. back home?"
Spider-Man shot a webline at the nearest building and took off for Mildred's Peak. After web-slinging for about thirty minutes Spidey realized something was wrong.
"The article said that the observatory wasn't that far from New Cory! Either I'm lost or the observatory is... Something tells me it's me," Spider-Man looked around for some sign of where he was or where he was going, but was interrupted by the tingling of his spider sense. He looked up to see the Green Goblin coming through a time dilation accelerator porthole, most likely testing the new power supply. As the Goblin pushed the controls to open another porthole Spider-Man threw a spider tracer at him. It connected with the Goblin's left boot just before he entered the porthole.
"That was a close one. I almost lost him again. I just hope he doesn't find that tracer. As long as he wears it my spider sense can home in on him easier. And, if I make it through this encounter with the Fantastic Four, I'll be able to make use of that tracer later," Spider-Man looked about once more for a sign, "Ah-Ha! That road sign says two miles to Mildred's Peak! I should be able to get there just in time to warn Doctor Octavius before the Fantastic Four are due to arrive, or just in time to watch them burn New Cory to the ground..."
Spider-Man webbed as fast as he could to the observatory. He found it, thankfully, still in one piece. He entered and began looking for Doctor Octavius or one of his assistants. He came upon the room that housed the base of the telescope. There Spider-Man found Doctor Octavius typing at a nearby computer terminal.
"Doctor Octavius," Spider-Man said quietly trying not to startle him.
Doctor Octavius began to turn in his chair, "What do you-- Spider-Man! What are you doing here?"
"I've come to warn you. I have a hunch that the Fantastic Four will be coming here soon to steal one of the mirrors of your telescope to use in their laser."
"What?!" Doctor Octavius was taken aback by this news, "Have you told the police your suspicions yet?"
"Not yet. I wanted to be sure that I was here when the Fantastic Four came. Will you call them now?"
"Certainly. I will be back in a moment." Doctor Octavius left the room and could be heard conversing with the police. After a few moments he reentered the room, "The police will be here as soon as they can."
"I just hope they're in time." Even as Spider-Man uttered the words the wall shook tremendously and cracked. The concrete crumbled to the ground and in stepped first the Thing, then Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch.
"Oh no! It's da' web head!" The Thing exclaimed.
"Don't worry, Johnny and I will take care of him. You and Sue get the mirror!" Mr. Fantastic ordered as he stretched to encompass Spider-Man. Spider-Man jumped out of his way; his mind racing. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, then swept in toward Spidey and surrounded him with flames. Spider-Man easily scaled them as he wrapped the Human Torch in a web cocoon. The Torch hit the ground with a thud.
"Hey! You don't mess with any friend of the Thing!" Infuriated, the Thing lunged at Spider-Man.
"You grew up in Jersey didn't you?" Spider-Man lifted his arm to shoot his webbing at the Thing. The web shooter let out a little drizzle of web fluid and sputtered, "Oh no my web shooters are empty!" He leapt out of the Thing's way just in time, but not out of Mr. Fantastic's way.
"Ben, get back to the mirror! I said I'd handle Spider-Man!" Mr. Fantastic dictated as he began chasing Spider-Man with his ever elongating arms. Spider-Man reached into his belt for his spare web cartridges as he dodged Mr. Fantastic's blows. Quickly, he refilled his web shooters and smothered Mr. Fanstic's right arm in webbing against the wall.
"You think that will stop me? I can expand forever!"
Spider-Man rapidly moved about Mr. Fantastic hoping his arms would follow, just as they did, "You may be able to expand forever, but not if you're tied in one giant knot!" Spider-Man covered Mr. Fantastic's muddled mass in webbing just before the Thing crashed in to him from behind.
"It's clobberin' time!" The Thing screamed.
"Is that supposed to be frightening?" Spider-Man evaded the Thing's punches easily for a man made of rock can hardly compete with one who has the proportionate speed, strength, and agility of a spider. After a few minutes the Thing grew wary and it was no problem for Spidey to web him from head to toe.
"Three down, one to go. Now if I were an invisible woman where would I be?" Spider-Man put his hand to his chin as he looked around the room for some sign that the Invisible Woman was still there. His eyes fell upon the fire alarm. He looked above and saw the sprinkle system. He pulled the alarm from where he stood with his webbing and water began to pour down upon him. Spider-Man looked around again and saw the water bouncing off an object near the telescope. As he moved to investigate it further the object took off toward the gaping hole in the wall, it was most definitely the Invisible Woman. Spider-Man leapt over in front of the fissure and webbed the Invisible Woman.
Doctor Octavius emerged from his hiding place, "Thank you, Spider-Man! You saved my life and my life's work!" He motioned at the telescope as he spoke, "How can I ever repay you?"
"Uhh.. Just recommend me to all your friends." And with that Spider-Man turned and webbed off in to the open air. He saw the police speeding down the street as he pondered his next plan of action.
"Where could the Green Gonlin have possibly hidden M.J.? And is my spider tracer still attached to his boot?" Spidey thought inwardly, "For now I'll just have to hope it still is. I still must have their general location before my spider sense can register the tracer, but how?"
Spider-Man had been aimlessly web-swinging this entire time. When he stopped to look at his urroundings he saw great industrial buildings, puffing steam rather than putrid smoke. Spidey looked at the twenty foot tall letters spelling out the corporation's name: OSCORP.
"Why, back on Warth OSCORP is owned by Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin! Surely this world's Osborn can help me find the Goblin! He must have not only simliar connections with people, but also simliar wealth and ingenuity!" With these thoughts Spider-man scaled a near-by wall and began to search for Osborn through the plexiglass windows.
Osborn was in his office reading a report on some high pollution readings near one of his warehouses of discarded weaponry waiting to be recycled.
"What could be causing this sudden jump in the last few days?" Osborn asked rhetoically, not expecting an answer from thef riendly neighborhood Spider-Man anchored to the wall behind him, reading that same report over his shoulder.
"A rocket powered Goblin Glider, perhaps?" Osborn jumped out of his executive chair and turned to see the source of these words. Spider continued, "Do you have the emission specs. for a goblin glider? I'd bet my web-shooters those emissions will match the rise in pollution."
Osborn still did not fully trust this costumed figure, but riffled through a secret file, once hidden behind a picture of Norman's son, for the correct graphs and figures. He extracted the documents from the folder. As he handed them to Spider-Man he asked, "How did you kno I was working on this prototype?"
"Let's just call it a gut instinct," Spidey said, "Where is this warehouse located?"
"Downtown across the street from the Brand corporation."
"Ah... I'm kinda new to this town. You wouldn't happen to have a map, would you?"
After recieving some detailed directions from osborn, Spider-Man raced off to the warehouse. WIthin seconds of his arrival his Spider-Snese began to tingle.
"The Goblin must be inside," Spider told himself.
He carefully scaled the wall, attentive of traps. Coming upon a row of windows Spidey found one broken. He clung next to it and strained to hear anything inside.
"You'll never get away with this!" Mary Jane shouted at the Green Goblin. She leaned forward tugging at her bonds, "Spider-Man will save me!"
"Spider-Man will save me!" the Green Goblin mimiced and sneered, "Spider-Man will never find you! I've already plotted the new cordinates into the Time DIalation Accelerator. WIth the flip of a switch we will be light-years away from that meddler! He'll never catch up with us!"
The Goblin cackled, but was cut short. Spider-Man had deftly crawled in through the broken window and positioned himself above the Goblin. At the end of his rant Spider-Man lunged downward upon the Goblin.
"Oh really?!" Spider-Man mocked. He and the Goblin fell to the cement floor. Spidey drew his arm back for a bone-shattering punch when the Green Goblin zapped him with an electric shock from his gloves. His momentary imbalance gave the Goblin the time he needed to escape Spidey's grasp. He ran to his glider and soared into the warehouse rafters. Spider-man followed on a strand of webbing.
"You can't escape me, GOblin!"
"Ah, but I can!" With that comment the Goblin swooped down and snatched M.J. and the chair she was fastened to.
Spider-man relented his attack afraid of stirking M.J..
"You see, Spider-Man! That is your weakness! Compassion for others!" the Green Goblin cackled as he opened the T.D.A. porthole and sped through.
Spider-Man rushed after them in hopes of following before the porthole closed. As he neared the swirling, black vortex he was engulfed in a magenta shroud.
"Madame Web! No! Send me back! I can follow them!" Spider-Man pleaded while floating a few feet from madame Web's life-support-chair.
"Why? So you can lose an arm or a leg when that unstable porthole close prematurely? No. We must rest temporarily, then you may resume your quest."
"But the Goblin will surely get away!"
"I see many ways for this situation to end, but I assure you, in every instnace that you follow my advice events work out for the best."
Seeing there was no use arguing with this calirvoyant Spider-Man settled down to rest and await the time when Madame Web would send him to finish his task, to rescue Mary Jane.
                       --To Be Continued--

Episode 2

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